In case you’d like to explore some peer reviews before taking the leap with me, here is what some of my clients have had to say about working with me:

“The coaching sessions with Channdika were immensely powerful and helped me get through one of the most difficult times of my life. I have the tendency to question everything, but the questions Channdika brought up with me were ones that I truly never considered. She constantly reminded me it was okay to live for myself and encouraged me to trust the answers I held within myself. I’m incredibly thankful for the thoughtful guidance she offered and for showing me what it’s like to feel understood as an immigrant woman of color.”

~ V.F. (Colorado, USA)

“I worked with Channdika over three wonderful sessions this summer. She has a beautiful way of making you feel safe and centered. She holds space for self inquiry and growth wonderfully. My life is so busy and full, it is hard to make time to really work on things that are so paramount to living authentically. She helped keep me accountable to my desire to question the ways my life is colonized, as a first generation Muslim-American, and helped me think of some concrete, small, but large steps to take to move forward in my journey towards decolonizing my life, starting with my self care practices. I am grateful for our sessions and her time and expertise, and look forward to working together in the future.”

~ S.K. (Portland, USA)

“I started working with Channdika this summer as I entered a period of immense change in my professional life. Channdika brought an elegant mixture of care and professionalism to every session and her thoughtful questions, authentic support, warmth and expertise enabled real conversations to take place. Thanks to Channdika I entered my new role feeling grounded and truly found clarity in my path forward.” 

~ R.P. (Vancouver, Canada)

“Channdika is excellent at making me feel comfortable enough to show up authentically in all of our sessions. She makes me feel so validated and heard, that it is easy for me to lay out all of my honest concerns and work with her to find solutions that work for me.”

~ C.D. (Vancouver, Canada)

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