I am a Tamil woman (pronouns: she/her). I am an immigrant and a settler on the stolen lands of the q̓ic̓əy̓ (Katzie) and  kʷikʷəƛ̓əm (Kwikwetlem) Nations.

While my ancestral roots are in Tamil Nadu, India, I was born and raised in Singapore before immigrating to Turtle Island as a child.

I believe that you are brilliant.

I believe that you carry the wisdom of your ancestors in your bones and the light of self realization in your cells.

I believe that when we get caught up in the pressures of trying to survive within various systemic oppressions, we can begin to see ourselves as silos: isolated and alone. It’s easy to forget our identities beyond our roles as workers or producers within Capitalism.

As such, we may not realize that we already have the answers or knowledge we’re seeking.

When we allow ourselves the space and time to unearth or to remember the answers, we allow ourselves to show up in this world as our whole, authentic selves.

When we show up fully, we are reminded that we are a collective: human beings who know what it is to feel joy and sorrow, exuberance and pain; human beings who can share our unique gifts with the world and enrich each others’ lives.

What gifts are you keeping hidden from yourself right now?

What wisdom do you already have that needs to be set free?

Come: let’s have a cup of chai, and chat. I’m excited to get to know you.

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